The Thirsty Horse

Given complete free choice Tiana wanted to learn robotics during her personal project time and use the learning to design a project: A horse that walks and eats like a biological horse. After making a prototype of her horse, she learned a variety of computational thinking concepts and practices including input-output, range, pseudo code, control statements, decomposing the project into sub-problems and reframing new problems into known problems for which computational tools already exist. She used the GoGo Board (open-source hardware device for educational robotics, scientific experiments, and environmental sensing) to make her horse move and control it with sensors, and she used blockly, a block web-based environment to program the GoGo Board


Everlasting Bonfire

During the Ceremony of Rainbows, part of the final project for exhibition night was to transform the reading nook of the school into a cave. Tiana and Lucas wanted to have a bonfire inside the cave and knowing that a real bonfire couldn't be possible they thought about using LEDs. They used LightLogo, a micro world that can be loaded on Arduino and has the ability to program a neopixel ring through the Logo language. They paired to program LighLogo and create the bonfire with pieces from acrylic. This was the first project in which Tiana needed to program in textual code rather than with visual blocks. She learned about syntax, uploading code, the process of connecting the Arduino to the neopixel, and she coded her first variable. The bonfire was inside the cave for exhibition night.

Tiana's Bonfire Documentation

This is how I made a LED bonfire.

I first looked at the sample of the fire video and notice the colors. So our teacher told us see more fire videos. We notice the colors. The colors were: red ,orange, yellow, and white.  

To do that first we connected the arduino to the computer. and we downloaded the light code and we watched the speed of the light ring.    

It was so slow compared to the fire video.

So on the program we speeded it up!  but I needed to change the colors a little. 

to startup



setbrightness 20.99

addfour white

addfour yellow

addfour orange

addfour red



to addfour :tianac



setc :tianac

fd 5

wait 20


End and that is how you speed  the ring up.