Environment and Sound

During this activity, we explored how to measure sound. We calculated what is the best level of noise for a learning environment. We then created some agreements for our environment and determined a way to measure how we were following those agreements using the Google Science Journal app. 


What's  Sound and how do we perceive it?

How is that we are listening all the time? We can close our eyes but we can't close our ears. How can we "see" sound and how is that sound affects our focus and learning? During this activity we set to answer these questions and created a project to measure sound to help our focus and learning. 

IMG_4810 (1).JPG

Step 1: Musical Instrument creation 

We first learned about sound and vibrations. To do that, we created musical instruments with rubber bands. We could see how the rubber bands vibrate and sometimes we could even feel how our whole musical instrument vibrated. 


Step 2: Seeing sound

Which musical instrument is louder? How can we measure sound? We learned about ways to measure sound, and we discovered that one of them is decibels (dBA). We applied our learning about science and measurements and measured the sound levels of our musical instruments with Science Journal app. 

IMG_4831 (1).JPG

Step 3: Noise and Focus 

We wanted to explore which are the noisiest activities in our learning space. We further wanted to consider how we feel when there is a lot of noise. We closed our eyes and started noticing our feelings with different noise stimuli. We talked about how we feel and how easy or challenging it is to think or learn when different sounds are around us.  


Step 4: Community agreement  

We made some agreements about  maximum allowable sound levels for our community when we are reading, when we are talking all together, and when we are playing. We decided to use the Science Journal app to measure how much dBA we are experiencing in our learning environments. We agreed to have max 35 dBA when we are reading, 55 dBA when we are talking all together, and up to 65 dBA when we are playing.